Guest Blogging Tips From the Garden Blogger Conference

by Kathleen Hennessy

As I sat on the plane on the way home from the Garden Blogger Conference in Atlanta, a few recurring themes kept coming to mind. The conference was packed with great speakers sharing their knowledge about ways to improve your blog. One of my favorite pieces of advice was to develop a community of your peers. Sharing your knowledge, learning from others and helping to promote your fellow bloggers can lead to bigger things for you. A great way to do this is through guest blogging.

So why is guest blogging important?

  • It drives traffic to your own content
  • It can establish you as an expert
  • It can help you reach potential readers and customers that may not currently know about you or your brand

According to, "guest posting is one of the best ways to gain backlinks." What does that mean? According to the site, "backlinks are valuable for a variety of reasons – not only do they link back to your own site, they also direct readership traffic and interested visitors to your pages."

For me, guest blogging fills two needs. We use guest posts on our websites to share the workload. More people blogging creates more content in a timely manner. Plus, it allows you to share information to your readers that may not be in your area of expertise.

Most of all, I love guest blogging because it's fun! Check out my most recent guest post here:

Tried-and-True Plants for the Midwest 


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